Feature: Chinese security enterprises seeking new niche at world major cybersecurity conference

Source: Xinhua| 2019-03-06 20:08:56|Editor: ZX
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Liu Hao (R), general manager of Cloud Security Business Unit of Chinese 360 Enterprise Security Group, receives an award at RSA Conference 2019, a world's top cybersecurity conference, in San Francisco, the United States, on March 5, 2019. 360 Enterprise Security Group, a Chinese cybersecurity enterprise, was presented with the InfoSec Awards for 2019 by Cyber Defense Magazine Tuesday at the RSA Conference in recognition of its three products on Cloud Security, Threat Intelligence and mobile terminal security. (Xinhua/Wu Xiaoling)

SAN FRANCISCO, March 6 (Xinhua) -- At Moscone Center, a well-known international convention venue in San Francisco, dozens of Chinese security and internet enterprises are braving stiff competition from major international players to seek a niche at a world top cybersecurity conference running here from Monday trough Friday.

The Chinese companies include not only top Chinese cybersecurity enterprises such as 360 Enterprise Security Group and internet powerhouse Alibaba Group, but also small and medium-sized and startup firms, like HAOHAN Data Technology Co., LTD (HAOHAN Data) and Beijing JiuZhouYunTeng Technology Co., Ltd (Beijing JiuZhouYunTeng).

They are among more than 700 exhibitors in the security industry from across the globe at the world's top cybersecurity conference, RSA Conference 2019, to showcase their most sophisticated products and services in fighting cyber threats and attacks.

360 Enterprise Security Group Tuesday was presented with the InfoSec Awards for 2019 by Cyber Defense Magazine at the RSA Conference in recognition of its three products on Cloud Security, Threat Intelligence and mobile terminal security.

Kevin Zuo, vice president of the group, said that his company is a major Chinese provider of cyber threat intelligence, which is based on its security big data accumulated over years.

"360 Group has cooperated with a lot of foreign security partners in sharing their information with each other, which helped it develop a strong capacity of detecting cyber threats," he said.

Zhang Yue, president of HAOHAN Data, said his company, which has about 300 employees, is mainly dedicated to the processing of big data running on the backbone network of telecommunication service providers, such as China Telecom or China Mobile, the two top telecom service operators in China.

He said that this year it is the second time for his company to appear at the RSA conference, as the event is a very good platform for small- and medium-sized companies to follow the latest trend in technological development in the world.

RSA Conference 2019 also offered an opportunity for his company to explore potential business partners on cybersecurity issues," Zhang said.

"Actually, we have several company representatives, including two American firms, coming up to us with the strong interest in our data security products," said Zhang.

He went on to say that Chinese companies should go global if they want to grow stronger and any costs spent on the efforts are worthwhile.

Unlike HAOHAN Data, Beijing JiuZhouYunTeng is a five-year-old startup company based in the Chinese capital of Beijing, which is engaged in secure ID cloud computing and mobile application business.

"RSA Conference 2019 is a global platform where we were offered opportunities to showcase our competitive products and services, and we want our potential customers to know we are from China's Beijing," said Wang Peng, a marketing manager at Beijing JiuZhouYunTeng.

"We would like to use this platform to share knowledge and information with our foreign colleagues, and to look for potential cooperation partners," he said.

He added that the five-day event is a valuable gathering where most of the world's top security businesses and companies have come together with their latest technologies and state-of-the-art solutions.

"At this platform, you can learn about not only the newest frontier technology at the present time but also the development trend of technologies in the next two or more years," he added.

"Such a platform can be a powerful boost to startups like us," Wang said.