UN agency appeals for swift action to heal planet ahead of environment assembly

Source: Xinhua| 2019-03-07 17:54:18|Editor: xuxin
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NAIROBI, March 7 (Xinhua) -- The UN Environment has called for swift action on major threats to the planetary health including climate change, plastic waste and marine litter ahead of the fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly slated for next week.

Joyce Msuya, acting UN Environment executive director in a letter to UN member states appealed for bold action to halt further depletion of vital ecosystems due to global warming and human actions.

"Time is running short. We are past pledging and politicking. We are past commitments with little accountability. What is at stake is life, and society, as the majority of us know it and enjoy it today," Msuya said in a letter to delegates released on Wednesday evening.

She made reference to recent United Nations reports that call for urgent action on climate change which remains a grave threat to ecosystems and livelihoods.

More than 2,000 delegates including the world's environment ministers, scientists, industry executives and green campaigners will participate in the event to discuss a raft of initiatives that could hasten progress towards a green future.

Delegates will explore innovative measures to decarbonize the global economy and eradicate food waste and plastic pollution in the oceans.

"It is time for us to truly give shape to the fundamental transformations that will be required to sustain human life-transformations in our food systems, energy systems ,waste systems, economic systems- and indeed our value systems," said Msuya.

She emphasized the need for special attention to circular economy, a new deal for nature, cities, clean cooling and renewable energy in order to realize green transformation in the near future.

"If we are able to drive systemic change across these areas, then we will contribute to lifting people out of poverty and building a safer, healthier and more equitable world. Because by protecting the planet-as we have seen on so many occasions-we are also protecting its people," said Msuya.

She called for adoption of innovations to help accelerate progress towards a sustainable and green future.

"Some of the most important solutions to the climate crisis and to biodiversity loss, and to so many challenges will come from innovation," said Msuya adding that partnerships are key to boost health of the planet.