Chinese scientists develop new material for super batteries

Source: Xinhua| 2019-03-28 19:02:53|Editor: ZX
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TIANJIN, March 28 (Xinhua) -- Researchers from Tianjin University said Thursday that they had developed ultra-high-energy fluorinated carbon materials, the key technology to realizing ultra-energy storage.

Fluorinated carbon is a solid-state cathode material with the highest theoretical energy density in the world. It has broad application prospects in the fields of electronic devices, biomedicine and equipment power supply.

Feng Wei said his team, by altering covalent fluorocarbon structures, developed the new fluorinated carbon material with both high energy density and high power density, or long battery duration and large energy discharge, a property lacking in existing fluorinated carbon materials.

The research results show that the energy density of the new material is 2,738 Wh/kg, which is 30 percent higher than that of similar products, and can work stably under the condition of a large discharge current.

"Using the new material, the ultra-long-endurance for unmanned aerial vehicles, cardiac pacemakers with lifelong power, and bionic robotic fish traveling tens of thousands of kilometers in the ocean may be seen in the future," Feng said.

Feng said his team has realized the stable production of the new material, and has delved into its fluorination mechanisms, structural regulation and electrochemical kinetics.