Pic story of inheritor of wood carving in Jingxian County, China's Anhui

Source: Xinhua| 2019-04-12 21:40:15|Editor: Li Xia
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45 year-old Ding Yonggang, an inheritor of wood carving, works on a piece of wood in Jingxian County, east China's Anhui Province, April 12, 2019. Influenced by the elders who are engaged in woodworking, Ding has developed a strong interest in traditional woodcarving techniques since his childhood. After years of learning and practice, Ding Yonggang has been maturing in his woodcarving skills and has created a large number of woodcarving art works. Under Ding's knife, raw materials such as some humble branches and roots are endowed with artistic value. (Xinhua/Liu Junxi)

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