28 volunteers for Military World Games span 3 generations from one family

Source: Xinhua| 2019-04-16 16:52:06|Editor: Xiaoxia
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WUHAN, April 16 (Xinhua) -- As the volunteer recruitment campaign for the 2019 Military World Games (MWG) is still underway, more people expressed their willingness to serve the game in the hosting city of Wuhan, among which features 28 members of three generations from one devoting family.

The volunteer recruitment website of the 2019 Military World Games (MWG) announced to have received a special application for volunteers from a three-generation Chinese family of 28 members.

All of the members, from the 76-year-old grandfather Li Jinsheng, to the 6-year-old grandson, all applied to be volunteers.

Li's family even held a meeting for assigning missions to each member in the preparation for the MWG, in which Li's eldest son-in-law, Sun Hanxiang, 58, intended to serve as a traffic volunteer. Sun has directed traffic before at road intersections.

While Li's eldest daughter Li Dongyun, 56, volunteered to participate in the community cleanups. "I'm good at cleaning the overlooked corners of the roof and balcony and back street," she said.

Li's youngest grandson Li Jiatong was eager to try as well. "I can be a volunteer for etiquette. Once my mother spoke loudly in a restaurant, I reminded her to keep her voice down." Sun Cheng, Li's 33-year-old grandson, served as a soldier for five years. As a veteran, he would "make every effort to help and contribute to the success of the MWG."

As the second batch of game-time volunteers recruitment is half-way to its close, the 2019 Military World Games is poised to offer a high quality services for a total of 10,581 participants from 105 member countries after the Games opens in October.