Foreign attempt to spark civil war in Venezuela has failed: envoy tells UN

Source: Xinhua| 2019-05-01 09:28:23|Editor: Xiaoxia
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UNITED NATIONS, April 30 (Xinhua) -- Venezuela's envoy to the United Nations (UN) on Tuesday said the attempt by foreign powers to spark a civil war to open the doors for a military intervention from abroad and impose a puppet government in his country has failed.

The government of President Nicolas Maduro acted rapidly and isolated the "focal point of public disorder" and the country "is in total normality throughout the national territory," Venezuelan Permanent Representative to the UN Samuel Moncada Acosta said at a press briefing.

Maduro showed once again that "his government is the fundamental and only guarantor of peace and legitimate constitutional order in Venezuela," he said.

The attempted coup "has no roots in Venezuelan society," as the majority of the Venezuelans want to live in peace and with full exercise of their sovereignty, independence and right to self-determination, he said.

The attempted coup "should be a reason" for the UN to convene a meeting, he said, adding that President of the UN Security Council Christoph Heusgen has said "we are ready to discuss that (convening such a meeting)."

The envoy called upon the international community to reject the attempt promoted by foreign powers to destroy the constitutional order in Venezuela.

On Tuesday morning, opposition leader Juan Guaido showed up along with some military personnel outside La Carlota aviation military base in the east of the capital city of Caracas, according to local media.

Guaido called on civilians and military to act against the government of Maduro.

"The end of the usurpation began, and at this moment I am meeting with the main military units of our armed forces, beginning the final phase of Operation Freedom," he tweeted.

In response, Maduro tweeted that military commanders from all regions and defense areas of the country have "expressed their loyalty to the people, the Constitution and the country."