Landmine explosion hits civilian vehicle in Yemen's Taiz, 2 killed

Source: Xinhua| 2019-05-07 03:45:41|Editor: yan
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ADEN, Yemen, May 6 (Xinhua) -- At least two people were killed on Monday when a civilian vehicle was hit by a landmine explosion in Yemen's southwestern province of Taiz, a security official told Xinhua.

The security source, who asked to remain anonymous, said that the explosion occurred when a running civilian vehicle touched off a landmine along a sub-road in Madabi-Hamir area to the northwestern part of Taiz province.

He said that the landmine explosion resulted in destroying the vehicle, leaving two people killed and wounding other civilians at the scene.

The Saudi-backed Yemeni government repeatedly accuses the Houthi group of planting different types of landmines indiscriminately in residential areas, causing civilian casualties.

Previous reports of humanitarian organizations suggested that Yemen has become one of the largest landmine battlefields in the world since the World War II.

The Houthi rebels launched a large military campaign and seized the capital Sanaa in late 2014, forcing Yemen's President Abdu-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and his government into exile in neighboring Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries intervened militarily and began pounding the Houthi-controlled capital Sanaa in March 2015 in response to an official public request from Hadi to protect Yemen and roll back Iran's influence.

The conflict between the Houthis and the Saudi-backed Yemeni government has recently entered its fifth year, aggravating the suffering of Yemenis and deepening the world's worst humanitarian crisis.