Commentary: China fights U.S. trade bullying with "Long March" spirit

Source: Xinhua| 2019-05-24 17:18:40|Editor: Li Xia
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BEIJING, May 24 (Xinhua) -- When the United States used an unprecedented scale of trade bullying and blackmailing tactics against China, the latter had no choice but to fight back forcefully to defend its core national interests.

After more than ten rounds of consultations with the U.S. side, China gained a deeper understanding of the capriciousness America has shown and the flip-flop tactics it used when the U.S. administration suddenly announced that it would add more tariffs on imported Chinese products, regardless of progress made in the previous consultations.

China has fully prepared for a protracted trade war with the United States, as it seems highly possible that the trade frictions between China and the United States are far from over. All of the Chinese people are ready to embark on a new "Long March" journey with greater courage and resilience and will never yield to foreign bullying and assault.

The "Long March" spirit was vital for the Communist Party of China to win the liberation war before the People's Republic of China was founded. It highlights the firm faith, strong will, and never-give-up attitude of the whole Party and all people to overcome major challenges in the revolutionary days.

Such long-standing spirit makes a special significance today when China is fighting against U.S. trade bullying, as the country is engaged in a tough and protracted trade war with the United States. Difficult as it is, it offers China a chance to sharpen its ability to steer its economy through daunting external challenges.

Recently, the trade frictions have been drastically escalated by the U.S. restrictions on Chinese high-tech companies such as Huawei. It is not surprising to hear that as it sounds like an old story. Huawei, among other Chinese technology firms, has come under excessive U.S. scrutiny and restrictions time and time again. Sadly, Chinese companies have become an easy target in the trade battle between the two countries.

However, it has become all too clear that the U.S. restrictions on Chinese companies are based on groundless accusations. The U.S. government has never released compelling evidence to prove Huawei was engaged in backdoor spying activities. But it continues to attack Chinese companies not because they have done anything wrong, but because they are too outstanding for the United States to accept.

Blocking and restricting Huawei becomes an easy and immediate approach for the U.S. to win against China. It nevertheless sounds like wishful thinking. The Chinese companies will not be intimidated, and will not be held back from further development.

A great lesson provided by the trade war for the Chinese people is that only when we concentrate on our own affairs and excel in them, can we have a way out in the face of external bullying. We should be confident that the Chinese companies will properly manage their own businesses and finally emerge victorious amid U.S. bullying and grow stronger than ever.

It is utterly absurd to see in the era of globalization, the United States still harboring the old-fashioned Cold War mentality. Blocking Chinese companies will not make America stronger. It only underlines America's sheer political arrogance and prejudices against China.

Throughout history, the Chinese nation has survived and thrived amid difficulties and hardships. It will continue to fight U.S. trade bullying fearlessly before the protracted trade war comes to an end. We have already embarked on this new "Long March."