(Multimedia)Beijing opens first bike-only road

Source: Xinhua| 2019-05-31 19:09:38|Editor: huaxia
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People ride bikes on the first bicycle-only road in Beijing on May 31, 2019. ('Xinhua)

BEIJING, May 31 (Xinhua) -- Beijing opened its first bicycle-only road Friday to ease traffic pressure and cut the commute time in Huilongguan, a residential neighborhood in the city's north.

The 6.5-km bikeway, including a 2.7-km overpass, is expected to reduce the commute time between Huilongguan, a densely populated community, and Shangdi, where a large number of high-tech companies are located, from 40 minutes to about 26 minutes.

An average of 11,600 people commute to work daily in the area.

There are three lanes, including a reversible lane, on the 6-meter-wide road.

Conveyor belts for bicycles are installed at the entrances and exits of the road to provide convenience and ensure safety.

According to a notice issued by the Beijing Municipal Committee of Transport, the road only serves bikes, with pedestrians, cars and electric bicycles all banned. Riders should keep right and broken bikes should be walked and left on the bikeway via the nearest exit. Parking and riding in the wrong direction are both prohibited.

The maximum speed is 15 km per hour and if cargo is carried, it must be less than 1.5 meters tall from the ground, 15 centimeters wide and 30 centimeters long. Enditem