Qiangwan Village in China's Gansu takes advantage of better environment to develop rural cultural tourism

Source: Xinhua| 2019-06-01 22:36:41|Editor: zh
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Aerial photo taken on May 29, 2019 shows the scenery of Yellow River nearby the Qiangwan Village in Baiyin City, northwest China's Gansu Province. Villagers from Qiangwan Village are fond of Qinqiang opera, a folk Chinese opera in northwest China. Instead of performing the art on a roughly-built stage near the Jin'gou River beset by pollution in the past, Qinqiang opera enthusiasts are now able to show their talent at a pavilion along the clean river thanks to ecological governance around the river launched by local government since 2018. In recent years, Qiangwan Village has been taking advantage of its better environment to develop its rural cultural tourism. (Xinhua/Yue Yuewei)

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