Roller skating becomes popular in NW China

Source: Xinhua| 2019-06-15 10:37:12|Editor: ZX
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LANZHOU, June 15 (Xinhua) -- Ling Long, three years old, is the youngest student of roller-skating club of Xuanfeng in Lanzhou, capital city of northwest China's Gansu province.

While training with the coaches' help on a plaza, this little girl shows her talented skill, attracting many passers-by to compliment and cheer up her.

According to Hou Minghua, runner and coach of the club, more and more kids at a very young age started to learn roller skating and fall love for this sport.

"Totally different from us who were young, these kids have strongly economic and spiritual support from their parents. They are interested in learning roller skating as an amateur sport," Hou added.

It is a fact that more and more Chinese parents encourage their kids to have a try, expecting they are enjoying a healthy and happy life.

Ling Long and her classmates enjoy the slopes, with some continually slipping on the ground over and over again, much to the amusement of her mother.

In spite of Ling Long's young age, she has been practicing for two months and was obssessed with the sport, which makes herself more confident and strong.

Hou Minghua said roller skating is an amazing thing for kids. It is superb choice to grow strength and confidence. Everyone no matter whoever can come and play sports and it will even change people's life because he never imagined he could start business without roller skating.

Hou told Xinhua that roller skating has taken a shift toward a more mainstream sport in recent years.

Fang Zihao, from the Sports Association of Gansu Roller Skating, agreed with Hou saying that the sport is becoming popular and the number of clubs has been set up across Lanzhou.

In April, the association was established to provide a platform and guidance for roller skating amateurs.

Gao Zihan, a six-year-old boy, took part in a roller-skating marathon held by the association on June 2. He finally finished the game though it was tough and won a medal.

Gao said he was happy to be in the game and make more friends.

Fang emphasized the association is aiming at organizing more trainings and competitions, adding that it may not be a professional sport, but it is spreading fast all over the country.