China Focus: China accelerates 5G network covering and application

Source: Xinhua| 2019-06-29 10:32:51|Editor: Yang Yi
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SHANGHAI, June 29 (Xinhua) -- Mats Granryd, director general of Global System for Mobile Communications Alliance (GSMA), praised China for leading the world in 5G, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Shanghai.

"When it comes to the roll out of 5G, China is leading the world," said Granryd, who gave a keynote speech at the congress, quoting a forecast from GSMA that 28 percent of China's mobile connections will be running on 5G networks by 2025, accounting for about one-third of all 5G connections globally.

As China officially approved 5G commercial services early this June, the country has seen continuous development in 5G technology.

During the congress, which was held from June 26 to 28, Chinese exhibitors revealed their recent achievements in accelerating 5G network coverage and application across the country.

Chinese telecom company China Mobile has officially launched the 5G+ brand. "The company plans to build more that 50,000 5G base stations and provide 5G services in over 50 cities across the country this year," said Yang Jie, chairman of the company. "By 2020, China Mobile will provide 5G services in all cities at the prefectural level or above."

"At the same time, China Mobile will push down the prices for 5G chips and terminals quickly to fulfill the demand for affordable 5G mobile phones," Yang added.

China Telecom has carried out innovative 5G applications in over 10 industries with its partners such as government affairs, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, education, medical care, media, policing, tourism and environmental protection since 2017.

"China Unicom plans to provide 5G coverage in seven megacities and 33 major cities this year," said Li Guohua, its president.

Another telecom company China Telecom launched a new "super uplink" solutions with Chinese tech company Huawei, which can further enhance the uplink ability of data and reduce time delays, aiming to provide better network environment for the development of internet-based industries.

The branch of China Mobile in east China's Zhejiang Province announced that its intelligent 5G transport network co-built with Huawei had been put into commercial use, aiming to provide experiences for the 5G commercial application on a larger scale.