Feature: Chinese food chefs win Palestinians' hearts through social media

Source: Xinhua| 2019-07-31 19:17:57|Editor: Xiaoxia
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GAZA, July 31 (Xinhua) -- Chinese food chefs become popular recently among Arabs, especially Palestinians, through social media app TikTok, after uploading thousands of videos about Chinese food recipes.

Hiba Awad, a Palestinian woman from Gaza and 30, was impressed by the way of preparing the Chinese bread and prepared it at her home.

The young woman said the Chinese food is characterized by being simple and natural and it uses less hydrogenated oil, which will cause obesity and chronic diseases over time.

"In the last three years we have been looking for food recipes which keep us with light weights. I found it when I got to know Chinese recipes," she said.

Like Chinese, Awad decorates her food table with various kinds of vegetables. She makes a rose with a tomato, a palm tree with cucumbers, or even a musical instrument with the poppy seed.

For Lahiba al-Halabi, 35, a mother of three, Chinese chef Bashan, who has over 230 followers on TikTok and depends on nature by using firewood in cooking, was a major reason for changing her food table routine.

"Chinese food use the same ingredients we use in our food, but the way of cooking and their spices is different," al-Halabi told Xinhua.

She felt happy after preparing Chinese food at her home and won the admiration of her family.

Al-Halabi said "China is an ancient country. It is important to know the culture of it and its people. Food and language are fundamental for cultural exchanges."

Chinese food chef Jessica Haynes made many short videos that imitate the everyday life of Chinese, followed by over 2500,000 fans.

Haynes' videos focus on Chinese culture, including clothing, food, drink, customs and traditions while she only speaks Chinese.

Ibrahim Al-Madhoun, one of Haynes's followers, was very impressed by her videos.

"Social media removed all barriers between the peoples of the world. China is characterized by accuracy, speed and professionalism in everything they produce," Al-Madhoun told Xinhua.