Xinhua Headlines-Xi Focus: Xi highlights poverty relief, high-quality development, environmental protection

Source: Xinhua| 2019-08-22 23:50:52|Editor: huaxia
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LANZHOU, Aug. 22 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping has underscored efforts to push forward poverty alleviation, promote high-quality development, enhance environmental protection, and ensure and improve people's well-being.

Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks during his inspection tour of northwest China's Gansu Province from Monday to Thursday.

During the tour, Xi called for confidence, innovation, concrete actions and solidarity in building a beautiful and prosperous Gansu.


Touring the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang Monday morning, Xi stressed efforts to pass on the world cultural heritage through generations.

At the Dunhuang Academy, Xi hailed the Dunhuang culture as a result of the long-term cultural exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese civilization and other civilizations, and called for more efforts in cultural exchanges.

Xi emphasized the need for the study of Dunhuang culture to serve the Belt and Road Initiative and further promote cultural exchanges between China and countries along the Belt and Road.

Visiting the Jiayu Pass Tuesday morning, Xi said the Great Wall is an important symbol of the Chinese nation and the Chinese civilization. Efforts should be made to better explore the cultural value of the Great Wall and enhance preservation, he said.

At a revolutionary memorial site in Gaotai County, Xi hailed the Red Army's heroism and the spirit of dedication to the Party and the people, which he said are the CPC's tradition that must be carried on.

Visiting a vocational school in Shandan County, Xi said vocational education has a great prospect and called for training of more skilled personnel for the development of China's western region.


At a horse ranch in Shandan, Xi observed the pasture and horse herding and heard a report on the ecological protection of the Qilian Mountains.

Xi emphasized the role of environmental protection in high-quality development, urging proper balance of the relationship between production and environment, active development of eco-friendly and sustainable industries, and better protection of the grassland resources.

Visiting Gulang County on Wednesday, Xi went to a community of rural residents relocated from environmentally vulnerable and impoverished areas. He noted that the CPC serves the people and works for the people, and the happiness of the people is what the CPC pursues.

While lifting people out of poverty was the first step, efforts should be made to ensure the relocated residents can settle down, have jobs, earn money and lead better lives, he said.

Xi then visited an afforestation area and learned about the efforts and progress in desertification control. He called for the promotion of the spirit of turning a desert into an oasis, as well as perseverance and sustained efforts in building a beautiful China.

In provincial capital Lanzhou, Xi heard a briefing on the protection of the Yellow River and urged Gansu to shoulder its key task of ecological restoration, water and soil conservation, and pollution control at the upper reaches of the river.


After hearing a work report by provincial officials on Thursday, Xi stressed the need to intensify the fight against poverty and shift the focus to areas of extreme poverty. He said problems must be solved village by village and person by person to break the last bastion of poverty.

Xi also spoke of the need to advance supply-side structural reform, strengthen infrastructure networks, transform traditional industries, foster emerging industries, among others, to consolidate the foundation for high-quality development.

He demanded stepped-up efforts to protect the environment, properly balance the relationship between development and environmental protection, accelerate development of ecological industries to build west China's ecological security shields.

Xi underlined the need to ensure and improve people's well-being and address issues people are strongly concerned about, in the areas such as education, healthcare and transportation.

Calling Gansu a piece of "Red Land," Xi urged the province to use its revolutionary resources to strengthen Party building. He called for efforts to build a strong team of cadres, fight corruption, improve conduct, and resist the practices of formalities for formalities' sake and bureaucratism.