Interview: Government brand to support New Zealand exporting companies in CIIE

Source: Xinhua| 2020-10-30 18:57:52|Editor: huaxia

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Oct. 30 (Xinhua) -- The New Zealand government is providing its national branding support for New Zealand exporting companies who are participating in the upcoming China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, New Zealand trade expert told Xinhua in a recent exclusive interview.

Fiona Acheson, regional director in Greater China of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), is pleased to see a good interest among New Zealand exporting companies in the CIIE.

"The first CIIE was an experiment for New Zealand companies, because nobody had really been to a trade show quite like that one before. However, we found it was very successful. The New Zealand companies also found it very successful," said Acheson.

"Last year, about 38 New Zealand companies showcased their products in the NZTE supported New Zealand food and agricultural pavilion and New Zealand medicine and health products pavilion. Another 20 or 25 companies had their own pavilions," said Acheson.

In order to participate in the CIIE this year, New Zealand companies will need to quarantine for two weeks in Shanghai. When they go back to New Zealand, two weeks' managed isolation will also be required.

"There are still good interests from New Zealand companies in the CIIE this year, while most of the New Zealand companies that are participating this year already have teams in China. But one company in our pavilion was so dedicated to the China market that they actually went through all the quarantine processes," said Acheson.

A total of 16 New Zealand companies including NZTE will feature the two New Zealand branded pavilions with one in the food and agricultural products area and one in the health and medical products area.

Another 15 to 20 New Zealand companies are exhibiting in standalone booths outside the New Zealand branded pavilions, representing a range of industries and sectors, including meat, dairy, honey, vitamins and healthcare products.

Acheson is currently busy preparing a number of national branding activities during CIIE in Shanghai.

"We will have our New Zealand Ambassador to China Clare Fearnley in Shanghai launching the Made with Care campaign at the same time with the launch of the New Zealand Week activities. These all happening at the same time with CIIE," said Acheson.

"New Zealand Week is actually two weeks' activities, which we have been running for three years, where we work with a range of retailers like key supermarkets and also online platforms, restaurants and hotels to feature New Zealand food and beverage products," said Acheson.

This year, a global campaign targeting consumers in New Zealand's key exporting markets has been launched in New Zealand to tell the story of its premium food and beverage products.

"New Zealand companies coming to CIIE are predominantly food and beverage companies. By launching the Made with Care campaign in China at the same time with CIIE, we want to tell something more to the Chinese consumers about our premium food and beverage products and to keep connected to Chinese consumers."

NZTE is also supporting the New Zealand exporting companies with extra exhibition areas that companies could use for marketing activities such as live streaming, product launches and press releases.

"I think there are many advantages for the companies participating in the New Zealand national pavilion, because they can become part of the New Zealand government brand. It's also helpful for the consumers and buyers, because they know that the companies that are part of the national pavilion have a good reputation," said Acheson.

Acheson is also pleased to see the trade figure for New Zealand food and beverage products to China maintained good momentum even during the COVID-19 period.

"Even though we've obviously had a very unusual year with COVID-19, New Zealand's food and beverage exports to China have primarily done well and continued to do well. Categories like dairy and meat are doing well. And interestingly categories like pet food have done extremely well," said Acheson. Enditem