China imposes reciprocal sanctions on certain U.S. individuals

Source: Xinhua| 2020-12-10 18:44:29|Editor: huaxia

BEIJING, Dec. 10 (Xinhua) -- China decided to impose reciprocal sanctions on some U.S. administration officials and congressional and NGO staff who have behaved badly and borne major responsibilities over Hong Kong-related issues, and on their immediate family members as well.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said Thursday at a daily press briefing when responding to queries on countermeasures regarding the U.S. sanctions against 14 vice chairpersons of China's National People's Congress Standing Committee.

Hua said the reciprocal sanctions were rolled out in view of the United States' serious interference in China's internal affairs and undermining China's core interests using Hong Kong-related issues.

Meanwhile, China decided to cancel the visa-free treatment of Americans holding diplomatic passports who make temporary visits to Hong Kong and Macao, according to Hua.

"China once again urges the United States to immediately stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs and interfering in China's internal affairs, and not to go further down the wrong and dangerous path," she said. Enditem