AI system aids treatment of cerebral ischemic stroke patients

Source: Xinhua| 2021-07-13 20:53:40|Editor: huaxia

BEIJING, July 13 (Xinhua) -- An artificial intelligence (AI) system that has been recently adopted by Beijing Tiantan Hospital can extend the therapeutic time window for patients suffering from cerebral ischemic stroke.

The AI system, iStroke, has been developed by BioMind, an AI company providing machine intelligence solutions in medical imaging.

The system can greatly cut the time of diagnostic imaging and shorten the preoperative decision-making time by providing rapid and accurate automatic imaging analysis. Therefore, the therapeutic time window for cerebral ischemic stroke can be extended from six hours to 24 hours, said Miao Zhongrong, director of the hospital's interventional neuroradiology center.

The wide-ranging use of the AI system for cerebral ischemic stroke in China may greatly improve the treatment level and ability of medical institutions for treating acute cerebral infarction, thereby contributing to better prognosis and low disability among patients, said Wang Yongjun, president of the hospital.

According to experts, cerebral ischemic stroke is a kind of cerebrovascular disease. For patients with cerebral ischemic stroke, time is of the essence. Every one-minute delay of treatment is correlated with the loss of millions of brain cells. Enditem