Xi Focus-Quotable Quotes: Xi Jinping on China's high-quality development

Source: Xinhua| 2021-08-02 15:42:15|Editor: huaxia

BEIJING, Aug. 2 (Xinhua) -- Amid an increasingly complex and grave external environment, China's central leadership has urged more efforts to deepen the supply-side structural reform, accelerate the building of a new development paradigm, and advance China's high-quality development.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, has on many occasions stressed the significance of high-quality growth and elaborated on some key tasks.

The following are some highlights of his quotes.

-- Currently the principal contradiction in Chinese society has evolved to exist between people's ever-growing need for a better life and the imbalance and inadequacy of development, which requires putting development quality at a more prominent position.

-- To forestall and defuse various kinds of risks and proactively address challenges brought by external changes, China needs to focus on taking care of its own matters and improving the quality of development.

-- High-quality development will remain the theme for China's economic and social development in the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) period and beyond, and it concerns the overall situation of the country's socialist modernization drive.

-- High-quality development is the general requirement for all aspects of economic and social development.

-- Following the high-quality development path means staying committed to the people-centered approach and the concept of innovative, coordinated, green, open and inclusive development.

-- As socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, China's economic development has also embarked on a new phase, the basic feature of which is that our economy is now transitioning from rapid growth to high-quality development.

-- High-quality development means a change from seeking growth to seeking better growth.

-- Recognizing that "our solutions are in Nature," we could strive to find development opportunities while preserving Nature, and achieve win-win in both ecological conservation and high-quality development.

-- We must deepen reform and opening up across the board, ground our work in this new stage of development, fully and faithfully apply the new development philosophy, and foster a new pattern of development. We must promote high-quality development and build up our country's strength in science and technology. Enditem

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