China eyes huge opportunities for green market: experts

| 2017-03-31 17:56:15|Editor: ZD
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BEIJING, March 31 (Xinhuanet) --China is the largest and the fastest growing market for green technologies due to its heavy investments in renewable energies.

This viewpoint is shared by several foreign experts when they talked about the future for green industries in China.

They unanimously lauded what China has done for environmental protection and the development of green technology.

Marcela Portaluppi, Ecuadorian expert of renewable energy, said that the whole world thanks China for making an effort to improve the environmental conditions for the population.

China has invested heavily in renewable energies and innovation, said Matias Aranguiz, partner at the Chinese consulting firm Mantian Investment, which focuses on outbound investment in LATAM in energy, waste management.

“It has a huge base of research”, he added.

Given the efforts China has made in green technology, they showed optimism for the future of the environmental sector in China.

John Robinson, principal consultant at Mandarin Environment focusing on waste water technology, said that environmental technology is one of the most promising features in Chinese economy.

He feel especially hopeful in what China has progressed in passing environmental protection tax law and increasing the number of IPOs for energy conservation and environmental protection companies.

Josh Gellers, assistant professor in the department of political science and public administration at the University of North Florida, also held that the opportunity to manufacture clean energy technology in China is vast.

Marcela Portaluppi talked about waste recycling in cities, noting that Shanghai is doing well in this sector.

As a principal consultant of an environmental technology company, John Robinson elaborated on smart water technology, resource recovery, and storm water related technology, which he thought would bring bright opportunities for China in the green sector.

They are advanced and practical technologies that can help identify water pollutant source, reduce energy cost, prevent rainwater pollution and city flooding, according to him.

On international cooperation in terms of environmental protection, Marcel Portaluppi underpinned China’s role, saying that China will be the leader in encouraging the whole world to face the climate change, in developing technologies to decrease damage that has been done to the Earth.