Here comes the winter! How do a pair of pandas live in the frozen north?

Source: Xinhua| 2018-01-06 20:38:25|Editor: Lifang
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Giant panda "Meng Meng" eats at the panda hall of Siberian Tiger Park in Changchun, northeast China's Jilin Province, Jan. 5, 2018. Local temperature fell down to 15 degrees below zero Celsius after the occasion of "Xiaohan" (Lesser Cold), the 23rd of the 24 solar terms. To help the pandas get through their third winter in Changchun, workers of the panda hall prepared equipment such as air conditioners and ventilators to control the temperature and humidity in the site, and provided adequate nutrition with four meals of dietary supplements daily besides bamboos, 500 kilos of which are shipped in every 5 days from their home province in Sichuan. (Xinhua/Xu Chang)

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