Experimental film "Touch Me Not" grabs Golden Bear

Source: Xinhua| 2018-02-25 06:05:16|Editor: Mu Xuequan
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BERLIN, Feb. 24 (Xinhua) -- Romanian director Adina Pintilie's experimental film "Touch Me Not" won the Golden Bear for Best Film award at the 68th Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) on Saturday.

The film, co-produced by Romania, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and France, tells a story of its hero and heroin craving for intimacy yet being also deeply afraid of it. They strived to overcome their old patterns, mechanisms and taboos, and finally broke free from their inner fear.

Exploring varieties and limits of human sexuality, the film received split reviews. At its screening preserved for press at the film festival, a number of audiences left ahead of time.

Adina Pintilie said at the press conference held after the award ceremony, "the film is like a mirror we offered for viewers to contemplate his or her possibilities", and the film wanted to "challenge viewers into dialogue".

Pintilie said it is particularly true today when the fear for the others are growing, and there are so much conflicts across the world, "the film is an invitation to empathy, to embrace the otherness and to rethink everything you knew."

Pintilie said the award is a "double encouragement", both an encouragement for those who pushed the boundary of the language of cinema, and also an important support for people to embrace the others.

Wes Anderson has won the Silver Bear award for best director for his film "Isle Of Dogs". The Silver Bear awards for best actor and actress have gone to Anthony Bajon for his part in the film "The Prayer", and Ana Brun for her part in the film "The Heiresses".

Silver Bear Awards for Best Screenplay, Grand Jury Prize, Alfred Bauer Prize for film innovation, and Outstanding Artistic Contribution have also been presented.

A total of 24 films worldwide were selected into this year's competition section, among which 19 competed for the coveted Golden Bear and Silver Bear. A six-member jury led by German film director Tom Tykwer had the final say on the winners.

This year's Berlinale also showed solidarity with the movement of "MeToo" by highlighting the theme of sexual abuse and support for female directors.

This year's film festival was held from Feb. 15 to 25.