Feature: Gaza girl in dire need of kidney transplant amid humanitarian crisis

Source: Xinhua| 2018-03-01 03:28:13|Editor: yan
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by Fatima AbdulKarim

RAMALLAH, Feb. 28 (Xinhua) -- 13-year-old Gaza girl In'am Al-Attar was reunited with her mother Salwa Al-Attar Wednesday after arriving in Ramallah to receive kidney transplant amid current humanitarian crisis.

The child drew attention on social media by refusing to enter the hospital without her mother.

The moment of reunification was heavy with emotions, as the mother and daughter went through an exceptional process to allow her mother a permit by Israeli authorities, after high level interventions by the Palestinian government, according to Ramallah governor Laila Ghannam.

Salwa Al-Attar expressed her feelings to Xinhua saying "I left behind my ill husband and all my other children for the sake of my beloved daughter, this is all for In'am's sake, she is my only daughter after six sons.

"Her childhood innocence touched me when she was saying come mama, because she is always attached to me and we are always together," she said.

The mother explained that it is very difficult for her to leave her duties in Gaza, but was grateful that she was able to get an exception to be with her daughter during her scheduled tests, which were impossible to have them done in Gaza due to the crisis in the humanitarian crisis.

Al-Attar is in dire need of kidney transplant and has arrived with her maternal uncle to take necessary tests to check if her uncle Khaled is a positive match.

In her simple words, she wished for children to live healthily, especially those suffering from kidney failure condition.

"I pray for all ill children to find cure, and for all those who need kidney transplant to get one," she said.

After her story went viral on social media demanding for her mother to be with her, the governor of Ramallah Laila Ghannam rushed to her help, accompanied by mothers of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces who went to stress a message of solidarity.

Ghannam said contact were held with all relevant parties, including the health ministry and the civil affairs commission in hope of getting a permit for the child's mother to cross Israeli controlled crossing into the West Bank.

She affirmed that President Mahmoud Abbas followed her story, and the private sector donated for the child's accommodation and needs.

"We were with her from the first moment by orders from the President. She is our daughter and we don't need a reason to make us look after her or just to raise her issue in the media, but we dealt with the matter quickly," said Ghannam.

International organizations have warned against the consequences of the worsening humanitarian and public health conditions is the blockaded coastal enclave.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently issued an urgent appeal last week stating that the occupied Palestinian territories are affected a protracted crisis and chronic humanitarian needs.

There has been a further deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Gaza which impacts two million people and is life threatening for vulnerable patients, due to the limited power sources, lack of waste management and the movement restrictions.