Picasso and Condo works exhibition to open in Hong Kong

Source: Xinhua| 2018-03-15 19:14:33|Editor: Jiaxin
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HONG KONG, March 15 (Xinhua) -- Sotheby's Hong Kong will present "Face-Off: Picasso and Condo" exhibition later this month to showcase 42 works by the two prodigious artists, Pablo Picasso and George Condo.

The exhibition on March 16-31 will include 19 works by Picasso, making it one of the largest exhibitions of works by Picasso.

"This exhibition is our debut crossover show, and we are honored to present the visionary spirit of these two artistic giants at the height of Hong Kong's art calendar year, adding yet another remarkable highlight to the vibrant local art scene," Jonathan Wong, Sotheby's gallery director, told the media Thursday.

Portraiture is considered critical in the oeuvre of both Picasso and Condo. Picasso's works to be displayed this time include Maya with the Boat, Head of Marie-Thérèse, and Man with a Pipe. Condo's works include The Priest, Princess, and The Escaped Hippie.

"By bringing Picasso's works together with those of contemporary artist George Condo, we have created a dialogue and synergy between titans from two distinctly different periods," said Jasmine Chen, a specialist on contemporary art.