Israeli entrepreneur shares "unlocking China" stories in Tel Aviv

Source: Xinhua| 2018-09-05 16:48:26|Editor: Yurou
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TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- An Israeli young entrepreneur, founder of a China-oriented online video startup, on Tuesday gave a lecture in Israel's harbor city of Tel Aviv on his story and experience in China.

Raz Galor's lecture, titled "Unlocking China: Media and Marketing Trends in Asia's Biggest Market," shared his story of creating Ychina, or Foreigner Research Institute, a cross-border video channel network featuring Chinese culture, entertainment and technology through the eyes of foreigners living in China.

Unlike other Israeli startups which just seek for profits or Chinese investment, Raz Galor argued his content-making company's top priority was to be localized.

"I want to balance entertainment and education (in my videos)," said Raz Galor to the Israeli audience.

Furthermore, Raz Galor said with the videos of foreigners' life in China, the whole world will have a better understanding of China and be able to comment on China accurately, as China nowadays is open, developed, well-cultivated and culturally diverse.

The online video startup has already gathered millions of followers on Chinese social media networks. The videos are about expatriates' life in China in the form of vox pops, which include random interviews with foreigners in China and their study of Chinese history.

"YChina is a platform that lets people better understand China. We represent a new generation of foreigners who have decided that our future is China," said Raz Galor in a former interview by Xinhua.