Feature: Cairo exhibition shows China's Confucius philosophy

Source: Xinhua| 2018-09-29 02:15:55|Editor: yan
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by Marwa Yahya

CAIRO, Sept. 28 (Xinhua) -- Under the title "Confucius in the Eyes of the World," the Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo opened Thursday an exhibition to celebrate the 2,569th anniversary of the birth of the Chinese philosopher Confucius.

"Confucius is a philosopher who impacted Chinese life, civilization and thoughts," said Fawzi Morsi, caricaturist and member of the Egyptian Association of Cartoonists.

Confucius (551-479 B.C.) founded Confucianism, a school of thought that deeply influenced later generations. He was also the first Chinese to set up private schools and enroll students from all walks of life.

He is believed to be born on Sept. 28. Annual commemorations of Confucius started in 478 B.C., the year after his death.

"His philosophy goes outside China as it calls for values that stress love and respect for others," Morsi said.

"Nearly 1,200 pieces from 67 countries took part in the exhibition," Morsi added.

The four-day event hosts nearly 40 caricatures about Confucius's life by 38 cartoonists from 24 Arab and other countries including Egypt, China, Belgium, Colombia, Germany, Brazil, Mexico and Morocco.

Egyptian Cartoonist Hassan Farouq, who participated in the exhibition with three pieces of caricatures, said he admired Confucius endeavours to spread love and respect.

Farouq who visited China many times described China as "a special continent with unique culture, ethics and civilization."

Another caricaturist, Ahmad Samir, told Xinhua he had spent more than 40 hours in drawing his picture to commemorate the 2,569th birthday of Confucius.

"I used some dark colors to combine the history with philosophy and show Confucius as an attractive man with great accomplishments," Samir explained his painting.

The exhibition was not limited to the artists or experts in the Chinese history.

Ahmad Naguib, a kongfu coach, came with his family to know more about the Chinese philosopher whose books affected the sportsman's understanding for life.

"For me, Confucius is a model of tolerance and love," Naguib said, adding that his philosophy connected China with the world.

"Through exhibitions and fairs, I see China as my second country, as its culture is very similar to the culture of the Middle East countries," Naguib said.

Chinese Cultural Counselor to Egypt Shi Yuewen expressed his happiness to see the creative and distinguished paintings.

"Confucius isn't only a philosopher but a great professor in the field of culture," Shi said.

"I wish Confucius ideas will spread across the world to serve people in different fields," he added.