Feature: Miracle Chinese acupuncture treatment brings hopes for Iraqi patients

Source: Xinhua| 2019-01-05 03:45:25|Editor: Chengcheng
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BAGHDAD, Jan. 4 (Xinhua) -- For many people in Iraq's eastern province of Diyala, the incredible healing effect of the Chinese acupuncture treatment gave them hopes that it is a good solution to many intractable medical cases.

During the past months at the physical therapy department of the main government hospital of Diyala's provincial capital Baquba, medics have used the Chinese treatment for many of the ostensibly incurable diseases.

"Although it is not a popular treatment in Diyala, it has already achieved important results through the treatment of many cases," said Najat al-Taie, head of Health Committee in Diyala's Provincial Council.

"Many patients are interested in resorting to such therapy because it does not depend on surgical intervention or taking drugs," she noted.

Taie strongly supports the idea of opening an integrated Chinese acupuncture health center in Baquba considering its satisfactory results.

Meanwhile, Haider al-Magdami, head of Baquba Hospital, also confirmed that the Chinese acupuncture proved very successful in treating many patients during the past months.

Ahmed Jasim, a patient in his 40s who he had suffered from years of shoulder pain, told Xinhua that his pain disappeared gradually after he tried the Chinese acupuncture treatment.

"The Chinese acupuncture is a new treatment in Baquba Hospital, and it is part of seeking alternative treatments to drugs and surgical intervention," Faris al-Azzawi, head of media office of the provincial Health Department, told Xinhua.

The Health Department of the province "is supportive of this therapeutic method and will provide all ways to develop it in the future," he said.

Ahmed Subhi, head of the physiotherapists at the hospital in Baquba, also expressed support for the development of the Chinese acupuncture, which has no side effects and does not use any chemicals.

"The last case that they have been treated is a 34-year-old patient suffering from chronic pectoral pain because of an old fracture and significant results have been achieved," he said.

"We have many cases that had ... achieved important results and this is what drives us to continue to work and develop our performance," Subhi noted.