China Focus: May Day holiday sees historical excursion craze

Source: Xinhua| 2019-05-05 18:26:25|Editor: Yamei
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BEIJING, May 5 (Xinhua) -- Black-and-white photos, yellowing newspapers, traditional Chinese characters are documents of historical profundity found at the centenary Red Mansion in Peking University, presenting the history of China's May Fourth Movement.

On May 4, the "Panorama of the May Fourth Movement" exhibition in the red-brick landmark welcomed an endless stream of visitors.

The crowds stopped by a photo featuring the patriotic campaign to fight imperialism and feudalism 100 years ago.

A grey-haired man Shen Lumin stood preoccupied by the photo. "We Chinese people should know this history, carry on the May Fourth spirit and care about the future of our country."

A modern history enthusiast, the 82-year-old has kept a tradition of paying tribute to the movement at the building that witnessed its inception every May 4 since a museum in honor of the event opened in 2002.

"It is especially crowded this year," Shen said.

The museum estimates that it received about 13,000 visitors during the four-day May Day holiday, which ended Saturday.

Over the recent holiday, China saw a surging number of short-distance visitors going to sites of historical events like the museum in the Red Mansion to relive the milestone events of their ancestors.

The same craze was found across the country.

The local government in Hunan Province said Shaoshan scenic spot, which houses the former residence of late Chinese leader Mao Zedong, received 82,000 visitors during the holiday, up by 4.83 percent from the previous year.

Other scenic spots featuring modern history or former residences of renowned historical figures were also heavily sought-after.

"Such tours are of great educational meanings," said Yang Suzhen, an analyst with the Beijing-based China Tourism Academy. "They can be a way to educate people about patriotism and Chinese revolutionary traditions, tell historical events to young generations, and have the socialist core values take root in the public culture."

This year marks the centennial of the May Fourth Movement. An exploding number of visitors have been heading to the Red Mansion museum, especially when the exhibition was unveiled.

Song Zhiyan, 6, visited the exhibition with her father. "I would like to bring her to the site where a milestone event happened for some perceptual knowledge of this special occasion," her father said.