Spotlight: Israeli weapon exhibition attracts int'l interest

Source: Xinhua| 2019-06-06 21:35:32|Editor: xuxin
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JERUSALEM, June 6 (Xinhua) -- Israel's largest international security, cyber and defense exhibition, ISDEF 2019, which was held from Tuesday to Thursday, attracted hundreds of companies and thousands of visitors.

The 10th edition of the annual conference has been to date its biggest event since ISDEF was launched in 2007. Visitors from around 90 countries, and about 100 delegations participated.

Approximately 300 companies have been exhibiting, and nearly 15,000 visitors from around the world came to the trade show to look for cooperation or to buy the cutting-edge products.

More than half of the exhibitors were international companies, and 85 percent of the attendees had buying power, according to the organizers.

Besides the companies, some countries like India and the Czech Republic, established national booths to promote their arms companies and explore possible cooperation.

Some countries have sent to the event high-level officials, to look for advanced military and defense technologies.

ISDEF is the leading Israeli company that organizes the largest defense, homeland security and cyber exhibition in the country, said Pini Shimshilashvili, director of international sales at ISDEF.

In the exhibition hall, all kinds of military equipment, from mini-sized secret recording devices to large armored vehicles, were displayed.

One Israeli company showed smart riffle sights and claimed that with that device, the shooter would never miss the target. Israeli army has already used the technology.

The system suggests targets and mark them when one is chosen, and after the trigger is pulled, the sight will automatically correct all the parameters to execute accurate hit, according to the company.

Another advanced device is an anti-drone gun. It looks like a big riffle, but instead of bullets, it interrupts the frequencies on which drones' control systems work.

Displayed on the exhibition were not only various weapon systems, but also models who were walking around, promoting the products of the eager arms dealers on social media via beautiful pictures.

Israel is an attractive place for weapon systems buyers because of the sophisticated experience of its army and security forces, said the event's organizer.

"From year to year, Israel achieves development in the field of producing smart and adaptive weapon systems," Shimshilashvili told Xinhua.

As the Israeli weapon industry develops, it has become competitive even with giants like the United States, Shimshilashvili said.

During the three-day exhibition, high-level security and army figures gave keynote lectures about future battlefields, the current geopolitical situation, and challenges of the arms industry.

Many Israeli officials expressed their concern about the threats on Israel from "hostile countries and terror organizations."

Yair Golan, former deputy Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), argued that Israeli soldiers are developing high-level capabilities in dealing with complex technologies as part of their daily challenges on the battlefield.

How to make the soldiers on the ground handle the very advanced and complicated technologies has become a significant challenge for many armies around the world, he said.

Danny Yatom, a former Israeli Mossad director, hailed the exhibition as "very important," because it brings together people from around the world to meet, exhibit and see different technologies.

Yatom called on the international community to join forces, capabilities, technologies, and know-how, "until the terror is defeated."

Israel is a small country with under 9 million citizens, nevertheless, in some of the technological areas, it is the spearhead of the world.

"We are better in some technologies than world's leading countries like the United States," concluded Yatom.