Poverty alleviation policy helps local people live better life in SW China's Yunnan

Source: Xinhua| 2019-06-28 20:43:31|Editor: Liangyu
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Aerial photo taken on June 24, 2019 shows a resettlement site for people of Lisu ethnic group in Daxingdi Town, Lisu Autonomous Prefecture of Nujiang, southwest China's Yunnan Province. Lisu people have been relocated to a new community from unlivable mountain areas thanks to the poverty alleviation policy by local government. Zhiguo minorities are special members of China's 56 ethnic groups. The term Zhiguo refers to minority groups who, before modernization, had lived in relative isolation and skipped the transition period associated with feudal monarchy. Yunnan is a major concentrated area of Zhiguo minorities, including the ethnic minorities of Lisu, Jino, Deang, Dulong and some other minority groups. Early in April, the local government announced that ethnic groups of Jino, Dulong and Deang had been officially lifted out of poverty. The rest other Zhiguo minorities are expected to shake off poverty in this year and next. (Xinhua/Hu Chao)

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