Across China: China, hot destination for Mongolian businessmen

Source: Xinhua| 2019-07-12 16:20:02|Editor: ZX
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HOHHOT, July 12 (Xinhua) -- Seven years ago, Hesigsurung left her hometown in Khentti Province, Mongolia, to go to Hohhot, capital of neighboring China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, for a job opportunity in a clothes shop. Now, she runs a successful Mongolian traditional clothes business in the city.

From a full-time housewife, to an apprentice and a businesswoman, Hesigsurung said she felt a great sense of achievement and owed her progress to the closer ties between China and Mongolia over the years.

"My career in China, along with my Chinese business partners and friends have propelled me to settle down in the country," Hesigsurung said.

In the past years, China has become a hot destination for Mongolian start-up owners like Hesigsurung given the closer relations between the two countries.

Mongolian Sqinbat, 32, from Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia, decided to open a Mongolian restaurant in downtown Hohhot in 2016 after his business visit in Erenhot in north-central Inner Mongolia.

"Mongolian businessmen started to seek trade business opportunities in border cities like Erenhot years ago, and China's market has been opening up wider over the years," Sqinbat said.

He had the idea of running a restaurant in Hohhot after he noticed that Mongolian local cuisines were quite popular in the region.

"Hohhot was my first choice instead of Erenhot because the city has a larger population with a greater market," Sqinbat said.

Sqinbat plans to open a branch restaurant next year to satisfy more customers as his restaurant has become more popular among locals.

An improved business environment is also an important reason to attract Mongolian businessmen to start businesses in China.

Mongolian businessman Batchuluun has lived in Erenhot for six years. In 2016, he set up Hesig, a company designing and selling Mongolian clothes, hats and boots.

"China has a friendly business environment given its services in registering companies and tax policies and foreign businessmen are always treated equally, which are the reasons I came to China," Batchuluun said.

A sequence of measures has already been launched in the country to open up wider in various fields. China approved a landmark foreign investment law in March this year to provide overseas investors with stronger protection and a better business environment.

"Foreign investment law offers us more chances to grow our business in China," Batchuluun said, adding that the law showed China's determination to open up wider to the world.

In the past two years, Batchuluun has expanded the businesses in Inner Mongolia by opening a clothing company, a restaurant, a photography workshop and a beauty store.

"Many of my friends in Mongolia also plan to grasp the opportunity in China," Batchuluun said.