GLOBALink | Dress it up! Wearing Hanfu becomes trendy among young Chinese

Source: Xinhua| 2021-07-28 15:12:54|Editor: huaxia

More than 200 Hanfu enthusiasts took part in a China-Chic fashion show last Saturday in Shanghai.

Hanfu is the traditional clothing of China's Han ethnic group and was formed in the main residential areas of the Han people in ancient China. It's made a comeback nowadays as an increasing number of young Chinese are pursuing this fashion and lifestyle.

With the young generation's rising purchasing power and broader recognition for traditional culture, the prospect for the Hanfu market seems very broad.

According to a report released by Alibaba's Tmall, in 2020, sales of Hanfu in this e-commerce platform have jumped 500 percent from a year ago, with over 1,200 clothing brands adding Hanfu category.

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