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· Spotlight: Syrian gov't regains control over Homs city as last batch of rebels evacuate2017-05-22 03:39
· Moscow, Tehran, Damascus call for on-site probe into Syria gassing2017-04-14 22:05
· Spotlight: Will strike on Syria contribute to rapprochement between Turkey, U.S.?2017-04-08 20:13
· Syria's presidential office slams U.S. missile attack as "irresponsible"2017-04-07 20:39
· Israel welcomes U.S. missile strike on Syria2017-04-07 20:19
· France's Hollande says U.S. "response" to Syria must be pursued within UN framework2017-04-07 20:04
· 9 civilians killed by U.S. missile attack in Homs: SANA2017-04-07 18:44
· Syria consults with allies for proper response to U.S. missile strike: minister2017-04-07 18:18
· Syria FM confirms airstrike on rebel depot containing chemical weapons2017-04-06 19:59
· 35 killed in airstrikes in northwest Syria's Idlib2017-04-04 16:59
· Syrian army, rebels mull evacuation deal in 4 besieged towns2017-03-29 19:05
· Syrian army scores new victories: Russian general2017-03-28 20:39
· Second blast rocks Damascus following Justice Palace deadly bombing2017-03-15 21:32
· Homs governor says agreement reached with rebels to evacuate Waer neighborhood2017-03-13 20:06
· Syrian army captures key town from IS in northern countryside of Aleppo2017-02-26 22:03
· IS rocket fire damages key gas plant in central Syria2017-02-25 21:34
· 6 suicide bombers attack 2 security HQ in Syria's Homs, killing 422017-02-25 16:33
· 60 killed in blast near Syria's city of al-Bab2017-02-24 20:23
· 30 killed in blast near Syria's city of al-Bab2017-02-24 16:41
· Turkey-backed forces take control over al-Bab: Turkish defense minister2017-02-23 21:22
· Turkey-backed rebels announce capturing major IS stronghold in northern Syria2017-02-23 21:12
· Spotlight: With conclusion of Astana meeting, Syria still struggles for peace2017-02-17 16:48
· Syrian army retakes key gas field from IS in central Syria2017-02-14 18:00
· Turkish President vows to wipe out terrorism from northern Syria2017-02-12 21:27
· Damascus denies report on mass hangings in Syrian prison2017-02-08 20:12
· 2 Turkish soldiers killed in northern Syria2017-02-08 19:10
· Spotlight: Turkey will have to face Kurdish autonomy in Syria: analysts2017-02-02 16:26
· Turkish army says 30 IS militants killed in northern Syria2017-01-31 20:10
· Iran says Astana meeting crucial to maintain truce in Syria: spokesman2017-01-23 18:59
· Turkish army says 65 IS killed in Northern Syria2017-01-23 15:20
· Most rebel groups agree to attend upcoming Syria negotiations in Astana2017-01-16 16:47
· Syrian airstrikes hits IS militants in eastern oil-rich area2017-01-15 20:47
· Turkish army says 11 IS militants killed in northern Syria2017-01-11 16:23
· Turkish army says 19 IS militants killed in northern Syria2017-01-10 15:17
· Syria's al-Assad says ready to negotiate "everything" to stop conflict: report2017-01-09 20:02
· Turkish President vows to wipe out terrorism from northern Syria2017-02-12 20:57
· Assad vows to liberate "every inch" of Syria2017-01-09 19:34
· French FM reiterates "emergency" to find political solution to Syrian conflict2017-01-07 21:29
· Syria talks to kick off in Kazakhstan's Astana on Jan. 23: UN special envoy2017-01-07 21:29
· Syrian government, armed opposition reach truce agreement -- Putin2016-12-29 20:41
· Syrian army declares nationwide cease-fire2016-12-29 20:11
· Iran urges exclusion of Saudi Arabia from Syria peace talks2016-12-28 22:21
· Syrian refugees in Turkey urged to join forces against IS2016-12-27 22:16
· Turkish army hits 158 IS targets in northern Syria2016-12-27 15:49
· At least 30 civilians killed by IS in northern Syria2016-12-26 16:31
· Nearly 19,000 people evacuated from east Aleppo: OCHA2016-12-20 20:43
· 23 buses carrying rebels evacuate Aleppo city2016-12-19 18:16
· 1,000 rebels, families evacuate eastern Aleppo2016-12-19 16:09
· Spotlight: Government army's dominance in Aleppo brings prospect for Syrian issue settlement2016-12-11 15:30
· Iran slams UN resolution on Syria as "unilateral"2016-12-10 20:57
· Spotlight: Int'l intervention in Syria has become more direct2016-12-10 19:42
· Syria confirms Israeli shelling near airbase in Damascus2016-12-07 20:40
· One Turkish soldier killed in northern Syria operation2016-12-07 18:54
· Explosions rock major military airbase in Damascus2016-12-07 16:43
· Turkish warplanes hit IS targets in northern Syria2016-12-07 16:28
· Russian FM says terrorists refusing to leave Aleppo to be destroyed2016-12-06 20:48
· Commentary: China remains committed to early political solution to Syrian conflict2016-12-06 17:42
· Ceasefire in Syria's Aleppo only possible after Russia-U.S. deal: Russian FM2016-12-05 22:02
· Neither Syria nor Russia attacked Turkish soldiers: Lavrov2016-12-01 20:56
· Syrian army continues advance in Aleppo amid wave of displacement2016-12-01 18:36
· Moscow awaits clarification from Ankara on Erdogan's Syria remarks: Kremlin2016-11-30 20:45
· Four besieged Syrian towns receive life-saving aid: OCHA2016-11-29 21:54
· Syrian troops make major breakthrough in Aleppo offensive: Russian military2016-11-29 20:18
· France calls for UN meeting on Syria's Aleppo after fighting worsens2016-11-29 18:53
· Syrian army captures nearly half of rebel-held territory in Aleppo city2016-11-28 19:52
· Israeli jets strike alleged Islamic State base in Syria2016-11-28 18:11
· Syrian forces capture northern section of rebel-held area in Aleppo city2016-11-28 16:46
· Blast rocks northern Syrian town2016-11-27 22:02
· 400 civilians flee rebel-held areas in Aleppo2016-11-27 18:16
· Israeli air force kills 4 IS militants in Syria: army2016-11-27 17:46
· Syria's Assad hails Russia's stance as "natural superpower"2016-11-22 21:29
· Syrian army declares formation of new army corps from volunteers2016-11-22 21:13
· Russia claims use of chemical agents by militants in Syria2016-11-21 16:41
· Syrian army advances in rebel-held area in Aleppo2016-11-20 22:11
· Syria rejects idea of rebel autonomy in eastern Aleppo2016-11-20 20:43
· 7 school children killed by rebel shelling in Aleppo2016-11-20 19:05
· UN urges urgent aid and safe access to restive Aleppo2016-11-20 17:57
· UN Security Council renews Syria chemical attack probe2016-11-18 13:59
· Terrorists use chemical weapons in Syria's Aleppo: Russian Defense Ministry2016-11-11 16:33
· Rebels in Aleppo fire rockets blocking evacuation of militants2016-11-04 21:33
· Calm prevails in Aleppo as "humanitarian pause" in force2016-11-04 18:19
· Intense battles in Aleppo, amid renewed rebel attack2016-11-03 20:58
· Terrorists in Syria use air strike pause to intensify attacks: Russian military2016-11-03 20:25
· Russia announce new 10-hour humanitarian pause in Syria2016-11-02 18:40
· Russian defense minister says lack of coordination postpones Syria settlement "indefinitely"2016-11-01 20:15
· New Zealand offers search, rescue expertise to Syrian "White Helmets"2016-10-26 09:52
· Lavrov, Kerry discuss Syrian situation2016-10-25 10:07
· Syrian army makes gains in Aleppo amid fierce fightback2016-10-23 17:50
· Egypt helps mediate Aleppo evacuation: official2016-10-20 18:14
· Sources say extremist rebels prevent people from leaving eastern Syria's Aleppo2016-10-20 15:40
· Russia ready to extend humanitarian pause in Syria as long as possible: Putin2016-10-20 17:06
· Russia demands explanation from U.S. for alleged Belgian strike on civilians in Syria2016-10-19 21:15
· Turkey-backed Syrian rebels strip IS of religious stronghold 2016-10-16 20:22
· Turkish soldier killed by IS in northern Syria2016-10-05 15:47
· Without Moscow's help, Damascus could be under rebel control: Russian envoy2016-10-04 07:37
· U.S. suspends negotiations with Russia over Syria ceasefire2016-10-04 07:39
· Russia urges U.S. to continue cooperation on Syria settlement2016-09-29 21:09
· Syrian military intensifies airstrikes on rebel positions in Aleppo2016-09-28 20:09
· UN Security Council to hold urgent session on Syria2016-09-25 13:13
· Syrian army recaptures key Palestinian refugee camp in Aleppo2016-09-24 20:35