Interview: China's assistance to Fiji reflects China's aspiration of building a community of shared future: Chinese ambassador

Source: Xinhua| 2018-02-22 22:06:11|Editor: Zhou Xin
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by Xinhua Writer Zhang Yongxing

SUVA, Feb. 22 (Xinhua) -- China's assistance to Fiji showcases the historic responsibility of China as a major country and the sincere aspiration to build a community of shared future for mankind, Chinese Ambassador to Fiji Qian Bo said here on Thursday.

In an exclusive interview with Xinhua, the Chinese ambassador said that China and Fiji, both developing countries, have a profound traditional friendship. The two countries are true friends who could share happiness and woe.

China's assistance to the South Pacific Island state is selfless and sincere with no political conditions attached, the ambassador noted.

"The Chinese government always respects Fiji's developing path of independence and conforming to its own national conditions," Qian said. "China's assistance to Fiji is selfless and sincere with no political conditions attached. China's assistance to Fiji is unswerving and will not be influenced by the changing international and regional landscapes. It targets the wellbeing of the Fijian people."

"China's assistance to Fiji upholds justice and pursues shared interests, and has set a good example of mutual support between developing countries under the framework of south-south cooperation," said the ambassador. "China's assistance to Fiji showcases the historic responsibility of China as a major country and the sincere aspiration to build a community of shared future for mankind."

Qian stressed that with the request of the Fijian government and full consultations by the two countries, China has provided Fiji with the much needed assistance.

Currently, China's assistance to Fiji, which covers various sectors such as infrastructural construction, energy, agriculture, healthcare, sports, emergency humanitarian aid and human resources, has made significant contribution to improving Fijian people's wellbeing, promoting social and economical development, and balancing regional development in the island state.

"As the new Chinese ambassador to Fiji, upon my arrival in Fiji, I heard good remarks from Fijian officials and the public regarding the recently-opened Stinson Parade Bridge and Vatuwaqa Bridge," said Qian, who arrived in Fiji about one month ago.

"They told me that the China-aid bridges had eased Suva city's traffic and brought convenience to the public's travel."

He believes that no one knows better than the people and the government of Fiji on whether China's assistance is productive or not.

"I feel proud that China-aid programs are acknowledged by the Fijian government and people. Aside from the vehicle project and bridge project, China has also implemented assistance programs such as Nabouwalu-Dreketi Road, Somosomo Hydropower Station, Juncao Mushroom Demonstration Center, Rice Technical Cooperation Project in recent years. These projects have been playing an important role in helping Fiji improve the people's livelihood, promote socio-economic development and balance regional development," he said.

As for Thursday's handover of the 200 China-aid vehicles to Fiji, the ambassador said that the vehicle project is made possible under the direct attention from leaders of both countries. He sees the project demonstrating the strategic partnership between China and Fiji based on mutual respect and common development.

With joint efforts made by the two countries, China has now become one of the major trading partners of Fiji, the most important source of foreign direct investment and the No. 4 source of tourists of Fiji. And the mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation between the two countries have maintained a healthy momentum of development.

The ambassador also hoped that China and Fiji can work together to seize the tremendous opportunity brought by the international cooperation under the "Belt and Road" Initiative, continue to consolidate mutual trust, expand exchanges, promote cooperation, enrich the connotation of the strategic partnership between the two countries, so as to push China-Fiji relations to a new height.