Arab League condemns Turkish strikes on northern Iraq

Source: Xinhua| 2018-12-18 20:47:03|Editor: xuxin
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CAIRO, Dec. 18 (Xinhua) -- The Arab League (AL) condemned the repeated Turkish strikes against posts in northern Iraq, said a AL statement on Tuesday.

"Such actions are violation to the sovereignty of the Iraqi state," AL spokesman Mahmoud Afifi said.

The AL voiced its rejection of the Turkish strikes, regardless of the motives behind them, affirming that the attacks contradict with the international law and the principles of good-neighborliness.

Turkey's constant disregard to the Arab stance indicated that Ankara does not care about keeping good ties with the Arab countries on the basis of respecting other states' sovereignty and rejecting interference in other states' internal affairs, Afifi added.

The Turkish military has conducted airstrikes on the Kurdish militia since Thursday in Sinjar and Mount Karajak regions, 180 km away from the Turkish border, where the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) is using as their bases.

According to the statement released by the Turkish Defense Ministry on Thursday, the air raids participated with 20 aircrafts "neutralized" eight PKK members and destroyed over 30 targets, including housing facilities, shelters, caves, tunnels, and storage units.

On Friday, Iraq's Foreign Ministry summoned Turkish ambassador to protest airstrikes in northern Iraq, rebuking that Ankara had violated its national sovereignty.